Bring Future to Your Life

HONY, founded in 1978, is a global leading glass manufacturer with strong engineering capabilities, providing not only customized product design but best solution for your industry. HONY innovative glass brings the future to your life and defines the vision of the world.

All of our production facilities (Taipei Headquarter, Shenzhen Factory, and Kunshan Factory) are ISO9001 and ISO14000 certified. Our flat safety glass is BSI6206 certified. HONY is also one of the Taiwan Excellence member.

HONY provides the best possibilities to your product design. Here are the reasons why our customers love us:

1. Most advanced equipment
2. Top grade glass materials
3. Strong R&D capabilities
4. Cutting edge glass manufacturing technologies
5. Integrated process & total solution. We finish everything in house - shorter lead time & better quality
6. Best Quality & Good Service

Think of glass application, think of HONY. We look forward to partnership with you.

堅持創新  實現未來 

宏益玻璃科技成立于1978年,專業生產強化玻璃, 是集設計研發、生產制造於一體的玻璃深加工企業。擁有自已的注冊商標和品牌(‘HOUSEWELL' 衛浴玻璃製造商 ) 。產品應用于多種行業,目前有90%以上外銷世界各地。

公司屬下的工廠(臺北營運總部、深圳廠、昆山廠)均已通過 ISO9001 品質認證以及ISO14000環境管理體系認證。平板強化已通過英國BSI6206認證,其品管水準及品保制度,已獲得國際性肯定。宏益玻璃科技更是臺灣精品的一份子。